CryptoWall 4.0 Has Arrived! Well to be a little bit more accurate, it came out earlier this year and it has been making its rounds in the US; many Western European countries like France, Italy, Germany, and Spain; India, and China. This thing is NASTY and it has been effective in holding many people’s data for ransom because to date it has managed to extort $325 Million dollars. CryptoWall is a type of malware or virus more specifically known as ransomware. If you are infected by this version of CryptoWall, it will lock all your files and rename your files on your computer. The only way to recover all your files is by paying a ransom if you don’t have proper back ups. The ransom can range from $200 to $10,000. After you pay, you will be allowed to download the decryption key to decrypt the encrypted files and return them back to a working state. This thing has managed to elude the authorities like the FBI and many security experts to the point that even an FBI investigator admitted last month that you should just pay the ransom if you don’t have a proper backup of your files. So how exactly are these attacks propagating? $325 Million dollars is a lot of money. It seems that the group is targeting Linux based websites and injecting the malware onto servers that other machines connect to for maximum damage. Web surfing in this new age isn’t as innocent and safe as it used to be and everyone has to be more aware of what they are doing online and be more aware of the emails they receive. Spam emails are one of the most effective delivery systems after all. For example you can be on a site that you thought was safe a few days ago and there is a change that you would get infected from this site that you trust if it was somehow hacked by the group. The scary thing about ransomeware as a whole is that there’s no indication that you’ve been hit until you see the message asking for the ransom money. So again I ask, “Are you prepared to defend against it?”

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Jason Marilla

Jason is a partner, consultant and project manager with Axiom. He has 20 + years of information technology experience and is an all around geek, entrepreneur, athlete and adventurer. He's been in the IT field since the Windows NT 3.51 days (if you've never heard of Windows NT then that should tell you how old the product is). He is a Centennial College and Ryerson University graduate who is constantly endeavoring to learn more about technology, life hacking and business in the hopes of applying it to improve his life and lives of others through the sharing of knowledge. He hopes to empower his team at Axiom, his business partners and his clients to be able to take informed actions and timely decisions. Knowledge is not power until you act on it after all.