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Managed Security Services

How confident are you in the stability and security of your corporate network? Do you know if you can survive a ransom ware attack or defend against hackers or advanced persistent threats (APT)?

Axiom is comprised of a group of experienced system administrators and former military cyber security experts that have teamed up as one of a few companies in Canada that perform unique managed security services. Our services emphasize on an unique approach to defending SMB or enterprise networks. That approach is called threat hunting. Threat hunting is a proactive approach of seeking, identifying and destroying threats on IT systems.  Our aim is to provide enterprise caliber security services at a reasonable cost to clients of all sizes. We believe that in order to protect companies from the real threat of hackers and ransomware, we must make sure that security solutions are within reach.

Are you concerned that your current IT support ISN’T DOING ENOUGH to protect your business from a cyber attack? If so, contact us or book a free network assessment.