Network Installation & Recovery Made Simple with Our Expertise

We can bring you right back up really fast and get your network going again. Our goal for your business is enabling constant growth and customer service.

Network Setup is mission critical

We will install for you the best-in-class network with state-of-the-art security. We will set up a new network that’s constantly backed up and works seamlessly, thus, meeting all your communication objectives at all times.

What makes us your trusted network setup & recoverypartners?

We Will Go All The Way

Problem-solving approach

We do not just solve pieces of the problem, we get into the root causes. Setting up a new network and security, host and software configurations is complex. Instead of offering a myriad of products or services, we promise to address the problem in its entirety, providing a holistic solution. We will work as your network setup partners.

We Are There For Your Urgent Needs

Trusted recovery plans

We do not just fix, we solve. There may be a host of day-to-day IT challenges that need to be addressed permanently. We put a lot of care and passion to solve your IT problems and get to the root of each.

20+ Years of Experience

Networks, network recovery, IT managed services

Axiom has been at the forefront of IT and communications services for more than two decades. Customer service is at the heart of what we do and we love challenges that allow us to help our clients.

Cyber Insurance Partnerships

Get better from your insurance

We know what the insurance companies are looking for when it comes to cyber or network security insurance. We use best-in-cass technology and set up multiple layers of security - the kind of standards that insurance companies want to see. You can get better pricing for your insurance premiums.

24*7 Service

Proactive and responsive

We monitor your IT systems 24/7 that results in less downtime and smooth running of your business operations. Our solution architects will always be ready to collaborate or pitch in to ensure the resilience that your business needs.

Beyond Just Backups

Recovery plan partners

Given its critical nature, network recovery may well become just a process of cloud backups posed as a solution. However, we believe in a lasting partnership and long-term solutions so you don’t face a similar situation ever again. We really care about your business like our own.

Faster Assessment, Faster Recovery

Leverage from our connections

We have worked with several companies and industries as a result of which we have built connections to cyber security experts. This allows us to assist in their work when a cyber breach happens and the experts have to assess the damage. We help in expediting the recovery process because we know what to expect.

Network Recovery that’s faster, smarter

We understand the urgency and the seriousness of disaster and network recovery. After working for several companies in 20 years, we have come to empathize with the pain of a business when their operations are disrupted. Our network recovery plan will not fail you, we will perform network recovery services as fast as possible to help you get back up in no time.

Safeguard Your Critical Data With Reliable Network Recovery & Cloud Backup

Our teams work day and night after we receive your request to ensure that we get you back up and running without losing much time. We also prioritize the recovery of critical business functions based on what is most urgently needed.

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